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Welcome to our site. At By Choice, we will offer you products that are different to what you see elsewhere in the market.

With our international acclaimed designers, we work with different materials and concepts that offers our customers uniqueness. At By Choice we offer you two brands GANGSTER and NAKED. Gangster is a range of unique watches with exchangeable straps that are fit for any occasion..well most occasions anyway. Be in touch with nature when choosing Naked, our stylish range of wooden watches & sunglasses. Both brands are continuously developed and new product categories will be offered to our customers.


The Gangster brand has its roots in great Scandinavian design traditions, where simplicity and quality are paramount. The combination of this underlying principal along with the drive to incorporate global fashion trends have led our world class designers to create some iconic watches for the modern purist.


The NAKED brand, wood watches are made from recycled and sustainable materials to craft luxury watches, eliminating environmental harm and restoring resources with each watch. NAKED watches are crafted with a strong commitment to environmental responsibility. NAKED's goal is to restore the environment's resources and contribute to environmental sustainability, under the premise "when taking from nature, we need to give back to nature".

Our new, eco-friendly NAKED watch collection brings new ideas to how a watch should look like. Incorporating new unique designs makes all natural look great on your wrist.

With NAKED we go back to nature. We require that all wood is traceable in nature. Thus, we use a range of approved wood ranges from Rosewood, Oak, Bamboo and Maple. NAKED also uses the natural patterns of genuine tree bark, to create an organic style that looks fashionable and unique.


Our objective is to bring you natural elegance, style, and luxury in a wood watch while ensuring that we give more back to nature than we take. We are focused in helping to sustain the Earth's precious resources. In partnership with forest associations we help to replant new trees both in Asia and Europe.

We use 100% Natural Wood all watches are Hypo-allergenic and completely free of toxic chemicals. We have chosen the Japanese Miyota movement as it is of high standards and reliable. We use hardened, scratch-proof mineral glass. We offer naked watches with various straps, some are all natural wood and can be adjusted with an added tool, other straps are made of fabric, cork or leather

Naked use a range of woods:

Indian Rosewood in Maple beige or dark colors are one option. The Indian Rosewood is very strong and heavy. It is a suitable wood to use for the darker pieces it has strong wood patterns and as it is a natural material each piece is unique and has its own color. Colors may be darker or lighter depending on natures choice. External elements as the sun, temperature, and climate changes all influences how the color may change.

Other wood types like Oak, Sandal wood, Maple and Walnut will change in a similar fashion and are also hardwoods that we use in our ranges.

Bamboo is a grass that grows fast has the extra added value that it is very hard. Therefore Bamboo is also use in sports halls as flooring as it is hard and resistant. Bamboo furthermore has a cooling effect on the skin and is extremely light weight, one hardly feel you are wearing a watch. Colors may also vary, but the patterns on most bamboo watches are fairly similar.

We use recycled material for the individual watch boxes and we replant trees so that we put no extra strains on the environment