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Custom solutions

Our vision is to drive innovation through seeking healthy collaborations and active partnerships with companies selling on online stores and other professionals in the watch-, jewelry- and fashion accessory industry interested in our collections. We provide not only simple elegant watches in a Nordic design style, we also add brand elements that make our watches stand out in a fun and inviting way.
With our wood watches we add new ideas and design elements. At the same time we make sure to give back to nature.

We have great experience within the fashion and furniture industries, the combination help us to turn great ideas into customer solutions that are inviting to the consumers. If you like Scandinavian design traditions of simplicity, there is a good chance that you will like our design style. As a new fashion brand with ambition we are in a process to also add Bags; Jeans and Sunglasses to our assortment.

If you want to learn more about how, you can become a Distributor of Gangster and Naked products, please contact our sales department: